Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


god bless lismore!
Video sent by megacrash

Monday, July 9, 2007

nimbin preview

This sunday, we drove to Nimbin to challenge the most infamous hippies in Australia for some chilled RPS games. We made some really nice footage on the way, but i couldn't finish editing due to a Nimbin cookie-incident. The circumstances of the matches were unlike anything we experienced before, e.g. in the Hemp-Bar where every gambit was stoner blurred and hard to handle for a non-weed-smoker...

We try to put ourselves together, till then, here's a little bit:

Thursday, July 5, 2007


some of our readers have doubt that this competition actually does exist. we don`t blame them: the sport of the kings is not as well known as the snail-race or the midget -throwing competition for example. but to convince them, here is a video of last year's finals:

donations rollin`/ alternative help

as you all see on the sidebar, there has been some donations what brings us a small, but important step closer to our goal!

our site had around 3000 visitors since we launched, 3500+ views of the movie, and as much as 6 donations landed on our paypal account.

some of our readers have donated as much as .5 cents, up to 20 dollars, we are really happy with all of them.

dont wanna send money to these random guys? no problem! support our site by linking, posting it to various forums, portals, your blog, send the video around, or put the story on digg.

we prepared some new content whats gonna be online this weekend (we didnt upload much on the weekdays because of our day jobs and strict training plan)

coming up:

-we reveal casa bonita (finally!)
-we reveal ourselves with some in-depth interviews
-new fan pics
...and our coach, the ultimate queensland redneck!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

fan pic

a whole day of celebrating the first donation, we almost forgot to post this fan picture we received yesterday from this hot chick. as you can see, she's not a pro photographer, the little postit says 'scissor me', i'm pretty sure she means RPS. she is from Hungary by the way (as we are promoting the website over there), we already contacted her for some more pictures.

if you are a true fan, reading this blog and want to help us, send us your supporting picture! márton

(UPDATE: Sara has accepted our proposal to be our official cheerleader girl, so some more pictures are comin' up!)

Monday, July 2, 2007


wow that was fast! only 3 days after we started the blog, our very first donation landed on our paypal account.

Big up to Gábor from Hungary, and his 5 dollar donation! Also stay tuned, we got some sweet posts coming up!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

casa bonita promo video

rock paper scissors of the casabonita rps team
Video sent by megacrash


what is casa bonita?

casa bonita is the best place on earth. this little house we live in byron bay, nsw, australia. casa bonita is five minutes from clarks beach, and right between the three best surf spots around. if you are a backpacker in australia, you might have heard about the legendary house where so many backpacker girls have found shelter, party and love.

life couldn't be more chilled out here, but we still have a really good reason to leave the australian spring and our favourite waves. a higher good, to win the sport of the kings - RPS.

sorry, we don't show any pictures now about the house as we have some problems with the landlord through excessive partying and don't want them to know the connection between the legendary casa bonita and their property.

so instead here's a picture of our beach.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


We, in Casa Bonita believe that one should fight for his dreams.

In the next three months, we will introduce you Stevo and Márton, the contestants, their way to become the greatest RPS players of all times, their secret moves, brilliant strategy and supernatural willpower what made them professional in the competitive world of RPS.

We are still calculating the budget, it's not a cheap trip. Toronto is far from Australia. But we believe in people, we believe in the internet, we believe that we can fulfill our dreams.

Donate now! All spent money will be documented, as well as all donations will be spent on our trip to Toronto, nothing else.
As far as we reached our budget, we will stop taking donations.
We strongly believe, we can make it with all you guys out there. But just in case, if there won't be enough money to fly us to the RPS World Championship 2007, we will keep on training and keep on blogging for the 2008 WC.

May the scissors be with you

Every sportsman has a dream

Every sportsman has a dream. The dream of entering the biggest contest of our sports, compete with the world's greatest sportsmen. And win.

We at Casa Bonita, Byron Bay, Australia have trained hard for long months, learned strategic thinking as well as straighten our thoughts, and prepare for the exhausting battle in our souls.

Now, we're ready for the competition.

Our dream is to enter the world championships of rock paper scissors 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

All we need is the funds to get there by 13rd october, Toronto.
Please make a donation to fulfil our dream. Check back, in the next posts we'll introduce the team, the planning, and the fantastic world of rock paper scissors. From now on, updates come along about the training process, the costs of the trip and how much donation have we got so far.

thanks for stopping by
The Casa Bonita RPS Team